What is modern nursery design?

Choosing a theme for your baby’s nursery is a big undertaking. Instead of characters, themes and bright colors, modern nursery trends have evolved over the past several years and the monochromatic trend continues to gain momentum. 

So what exactly does a modern nursery design look like? A quick search on Pinterest, brings up thousands of images of neutrals and black and white with accents of color. 

Black-and-white spaces with modern lines and graphic prints and patterns are popular, and the addition of a strong accent color gives the space a bold twist. Clean lines and a minimalist approach keep the space looking sharp and modern.

The modern nursery features clean lines and a clutter-free environment, where only the things you need are displayed. Clean white walls, understated furnishings, and uncluttered floor space can give the room a bright and spacious feel and proves that sometimes less really is more.

There are many benefits to a black and white nursery. Not only would black and white work for a boy or girl nursery, it would easily convert to a toddler room then a big kid room. This is also a great option for parents who choose to not find out their baby’s gender. 

There are also the benefits of visual stimulation. There’s plenty of research to show monochromatic colors and patterns can benefit babies development and provide stimulation. 

When babies are born, their retinas are not yet fully developed. At birth, they can only see contrasts between black and white. This lasts until around three months when they begin to see other colors. That’s when it’s a good idea to incorporate pops of color to mix with the black and white. 

Another benefit of a black and white nursery, is that you can choose any colors you want and they will match. Even if your nursery is fully monochromatic, the toys and books will add color and pattern to the space. An emphasis on simplicity and functionality, modern design is a practical choice for parents.
With a black and white design, it won’t be difficult to find items for your baby’s nursery. From the crib to a diaper pail, you are sure to find them in black or white to match the theme of the nursery.

According to an article on Ecospaints.com, when creating and mixing patterns in your black and white nursery, it is important to be aware of the scale of the shapes. Varying the shapes will allow the eyes to move around naturally throughout the room. If all the shapes are the same or too similar, then the designs will attract too much attention. The goal is to create a visual that is not too intimidating or eye-catching so that babies can move their gaze throughout the room without getting stuck on a certain design.

A minimalist approach to design doesn't mean the results can't be dynamic. All of the designs at OLLI+LIME are minimalist, monochrome and will help set the stage for a perfect nursery.

When planning your baby's nursery, it’s a good idea to have your design plan by around the 18- to 20-week mark. Once that is decided, you’ll have plenty of time to find the items you want, and get them ordered and set up before your baby arrives. 

There are so many items to choose from in the baby market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed deciding what you really need. Make sure you have the essentials first, then add in the extras. 

First and foremost babies need a safe and comfortable bed. Babies sleep a lot in their first few months of life, so it’s important that they are safe and comfortable in their bed. 

The crib is usually the focal point of the room, so you can even pick a crib first and design around it. 

Once you find the right crib for your nursery, the next step is to select the bedding: either a bedding set, or separate crib sheets and blankets and to complete the look, a crib skirt. 

OLLI+LIME believes sensory development and focus is enhanced by contrasting visual patterns and textures for our little ones. Our monochrome designs help you create a perfect modern nursery, while promoting a multi-sensory experience.

The majority of our products are black and white, to encourage your baby's exploration of patterns and textures in a safe, multi-sensory environment. Black and white patterns help babies focus their attention and levels of concentration. 

Our swiss cross black and white bedding is an example of how mixing different patterns can create a modern design. The black cross blanket matches the sheet perfectly while the under portion of the blanket is made from soft white minky fabric. Both pieces are finished off with a straight edged crib skirt that finishes off the crisp modern design. The grey weave blanket is also big enough for family snuggles.

After choosing the perfect bedding, it's time to move on to other nursery essentials. 

Another important piece in the nursery is a changing table. It not only provides a space to clean and dress your baby, but can also double as a storage solution for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Opt for a design with a removable changer top that way the dresser can continue to be used for years to come.
All of our changing pad covers, swaddles, blankets and loveys come in a variety of patterns that can seamlessly mix and match together. 

Another way to support your baby’s brain stimulation and development is by adding wall art. Visually stimulating patterns can also encourage development. Our black and white high contrast images are printed on quality paper and include a frame matte. Options include cute animals, encouraging words, positive affirmations, high contrast photos and even a customized birthday print. 

All of our monochrome, minimalistic designs are carefully manufactured and sourced in the United States.
You can also find tons of modern nursery inspiration on our OLLI+LIME Pinterest board.

By Leah E.