RSV & Flu Season - Tips to keep your little one safe

By Leah Eagle

Did you know flu season lasts from October to March? That's half the year (!) and we are right in the middle of it.

Over the past few months, you've probably heard the term "tripledemic," which refers to a collision of RSV flu, and COVID-19.

We know about COVID-19 all too well, as well as the flu, but if you have a new baby, you may not be familiar with RSV. It is the most common cause of pneumonia in babies younger than one, according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So what exactly is RSV? It stands for respiratory syncytial virus, which is a viral illness that has symptoms that include trouble breathing. It can cause inflammation of the small airways in the lungs and pneumonia in babies. It is highly contagious and can cause a cough, runny nose and sometimes a fever, with symptoms usually lasting a week to 10 days.

As respiratory viruses have seen increases in children across the country, emergency rooms and hospitals have seen floods of patients.

According to, "Scott Roberts, MD, a Yale Medicine infectious diseases specialist, said that the country is seeing "record levels of RSV in young children. While the spike is usually seen in December and January, it began earlier this year.

Babies haven't developed immune responses and may not be able to fight off the infections very well. If you have a baby, you're probably wondering how to keep them healthy during this time?

Here are some tips we found online.

1. Get the flu shot

This is important and safe, not only for the mom, but for everyone who will be around the baby. Since your baby can't get their flu shot until they are six months old, the best way to keep them from getting it is by getting the shot yourself.

2. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer

We've been doing this for almost three years now, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. Washing your hands frequently with soap and water or using hand sanitizer is one of the most important things to do each day. It may sound simple, but it is very effective.

3. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing

Flu and RSV can be spread through droplets containing the virus, especially when coughing or sneezing. Always cover your mouth (cough or sneeze into your shoulder or a tissue) to reduce the spread of germs. 

4. Stay away from sick people

If you know that a family member, the babysitter, or one of your friends has been under the weather, ask them to avoid seeing your child until they are completely well.

5. Hold off on kisses

You've probably seen the meme on social media about not letting anyone hold or kiss your babies during flu season. It's okay to politely tell people that it is "that season" and you are doing all you can to keep your baby healthy. 

6. Keep your baby covered when in public

When in public places, keep your baby in the stroller with a light covering. This can help keep people from wanting to see or touch them. There are also stroller tags that can be added to the stroller that warn people about getting close to your little one because of germs. 

7. Know when to call the doctor

If your child develops a fever over 100.3 degrees and is under 3 months old, contact their pediatrician. These serious illnesses can cause fevers in young infants and they need to be caught and treated quickly. If you are having trouble keeping your baby awake or you cannot wake your child, call the doctor immediately.

It's inevitable that your baby will get sick at some point, but by following these tips, it may keep them from being affected by the "tripledemic."

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We wish you and you: family a happy and healthy holiday season!