Outdoor Style in the Nursery

The soothing sounds of nature and the simplicity that it brings are so peacefully decadent that it’s only natural to want to bring them into your new nursery in a way that it’s brought to life for your baby.The design challenge? Doing it without the rawness of pure nature as well as keeping your baby’s room feel cuddly and NOT like your uncle’s “bro” cabin. We thought we’d share 3 ways to do just that.

1. Use What’s Natural

Whether it’s an animal scene that frolics and dances as the main stage or the sheer power of the land itself, letting nature run its course is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors into the nursery. 

Magnificent Mountains

Grand is their magnitude and inspiring in both the shapes they form and the elements in which they withstand, mountains always create a soft spot in our hearts. The OLLI + LIME Snowy Mountain are inspired by the mountains of our home base of Colorado

Snowy Mountain Crib Sheet

Trees Root Us
Trees surround us and root us in our family DNA’s bringing those elements of nestling nesting into the nursery provide aesthetically pleasing design that centers a nursery’s foundations. Crib sheets also allow a more subtle nod to a nursery design. This OLLI + LIME design was inspired by nature.

Of course, every nursery really needs a copy of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. We like this vintage version from Etsy seller The Pink Room

Soft Cuddly Plush Bears
Seriously does it get anymore adorable then fluffy bears that can grace our nursery designs? Surely better stuffed and cuddly or as a nice nursery accent at the same. The hibernation bedding set inspires long lasting sleep while providing modern plush cute-ness to the nursery.

2. Make It Personal

In its most intimate setting, nature is personal and unique. This principle is a great one to also bring to life within the nursery and not only makes your nursery completely customized to your tastes but gives your baby something that is truly their own, right from the beginning. Check out this inspiring customized art from @thetrendytimber

3. Create the Backdrop

Within any beautiful landscape is a setting that is awe inspiring, here are a few ideas that may provide some awe-inspiring moments for you...

A True Landscape 

Using wallpaper really completes the total look and feel of a nature environment within a woodland nursery. A few designs that have been inspire us in their modern design arefrom @muralswallpaper 

 And of course this one that takes you deep into the forestland 

Simple Yet Transformational 

Simple wall art pieces easily transform a baby’s room and are typically a cost-effective way to add in clever design elements while bringing to life playful designs

These easy to hang and decorate solutions also add a touch of nature and can easily be moved or swapped out!

 Keep Designing.