Black and White Nursery Art. Simply Modern!

By Rom V. on behalf of OLLI+LIME
Whether an atmospheric watercolor, contemporary print or lovingly crafted sketch, black and white art stands out. It will be a great addition to any room in your house, starting from your living room, all the way to your baby nursery design. Without the distraction of color, the subject of black and white pictures will take center stage. This is why the artist's message and emotions shine through the black and white and images.
Black & white art prints are one of the most popular styles for your home. Through this blog you will discover the classic monochrome black and white art prints in a collection that captures the sleek and stylish essence of the black and white contrast. This is a theme that you can enjoy in every room in your house.
In this blog post we will look at what makes black and white such a great wall art choice and why you should consider it for your home.
First of all, black and white images rely on a number of factors to make an image work:
  • lighting - making sure the image is properly lit helps with the definition of the subject
  • shadow - in the same way, having well defined shadow adds real depth
  • contrast - the interplay between the two helps define the image and give it real punch
In our art prints collection, the beautiful black and white pieces that we offer will take all of those aspects to the heart and will give you plenty of brilliant black and white wall art choices.Let's take a few examples of how black and white wall art can be so effective in your home.
Black and white wall art for your baby nursery:
Our wall art is designed with the thought of modern parents and children it mind. The beauty of using black and white wall art is its flexibility. Our art prints use a seamless base of neutral colors, so that you can boldly add our own favorite colors to your baby nursery. Our black and white wall art will liven up the layout of any room while also balancing the color tone of the entire space.
In this way the colors throughout the space that you are decorating will be contrasting, but not overwhelming or contradictory. Your baby will enjoy learning about new shapes from the wall art that decorates their room, and you as a parent will love the décor they provide.
With black and while art pieces you will no longer have to worry about color coordination in any space. No matter what type of our wall art you choose, such as abstract images, lines and portraits, it will work perfectly with the proportions of the space, giving it a sense of cheerful and organized energy.
You can use our wall art in your baby nursery design, or throughout your home.
Inspirational black and white wall art:
Black and white have endless combinations. No matter what type of color you choose to pair with, it almost always works. This is a classic combination that never goes out of style. You will notice that it comes with a sense of nostalgia, as if going back to the silent film era, freezing art and images in a moment.
If you choose to decorate any a room in this way you will notice that your wall art adds layers to space. Inspirational wall art will add harmony to the room batter than other styles of decorating. This is classic color combination that will always be a staple of interior design.
Black and white wall decals:
Designed to fit your baby nursery, but more than welcome in any room of your house, our wall decals have carefully chosen patterns.
While the black and white color scheme adds no other colors, it will provide a striking addition to an all-neutral space. These wall decals will strike the perfect balance, providing a visual impact that anchors the room without overpowering the soft tones and different textures.
Our patterns are interesting, but not overpowering, and you can place then in your home with confidence, without fear that they might be too busy for the eyes.
Black and white in your home décor:
Some styles can sometimes seem almost impossible to accomplish in a home. Like how do you achieve modern eclectic? The answer lies in miscellaneous home decor. Our wall art goes perfect with this eclectic mix of rugs and pillows. Add in some woven pieces and your house will be a modern marvel.
Using black and white will clean things up for the eye and leave you free to add your colors to the other decorative elements. If you want to add a more personal touch, you can take some digital photographs yourself and put a black and white filter on them to give them a vintage vibe. Place a few patterned pillows on your sofa that will match the black and white of the photographs and your design will be complete.