Calming nature for nursery design

The soothing sounds of nature and the simplicity that it brings are so peacefully decadent that it’s only natural to want to bring them into your new nursery; doing it without the rawness of pure nature can be done in a few simple ways by...

Painting a Natural Landscape 

Nature in its pure form is simple and neutral in tones while letting the heroes that live within it shine. In this same way, picking out gender neutral tones in both nursery room color and the crib bedding, let your little one be the hero in their own dens

 A few color palettes that we have found that meet this need include—Sherwin-Williams Cityscape and Sherwin-Williams Cotton White (P.S. We also love the wood cut critters in this nursery design.)

Natural and neutral crib bedding can also help fit the need a few inspo ideas are a few gender neutral inspo sets that can help give you some nursery design ideas

The OLLI + LIME Nest Crib Bedding Set has been inspired by literal bird nests. Holding true to its design roots it provides a neutral setting to help other pieces shine within your baby's room. Add to this a large multi-functional blanket that acts not only as crib bedding but as a way to build out your nature landscape within the nursery.

The natural and soft textures that come from hand woven 100% USA Cotton make the OLLI + LIME Weave Blanket both a comfortable bed and nap time solution as well as providing some natural, soft textures to the nursery.

Bringing Life to Nursery Walls with...

Filling in the scene by adding subtle contextual design elements within nursery walls helps build warmth and adds to your nursery storyline providing comforting personal touches. Adding a personalization that brings any woodland nursery to life with purpose and intention really brings the room to live. Some clever executions as thought starters could be...

Wall Mounts

Clean, Aesthetically Pleasing Wall Mounts add dimension and a personalized design touch that gives you the flexibility to match your home décor or make your nursery uniquely its own space and place. We absolutely drool over this beautiful nursery solution from......  that also have the added benefit of no animals getting harmed! This one from AllModern comes in several differnt color-ways 



Nursery Wall Decals

Simple peel and stick Wall Decals allow you to fill in your walls and have a big impact as you look to fill in your landscape. The OLLI + LIME Evergreen Tree Decals add a simple and subtle look by using monochromatic tones that will go with any nursery. 

Baby Shelves

And if you really are looking to elevate the design and function check out these mountain shaped shelves from Rustic Grains Designs  – they add gorgeous design while also having the added benefit as acting as your bookshelf or placeholder for keepsakes.