4 sweet modern baby bedding designs in pink & lavender to brighten up your nursery

Welcome back to our blog series dedicated to exploring adding a vibrant touch to your baby's nusery with contemporary, modern baby bedding options. As we embark on another exciting exploration of captivating hues, we are delighted to delve ito the enchanting world of Olli+Lime's designs featuring shades of pink and lavender, specifically curated to infure your little one's haven with soothing elegance. Find a design you absolutely love that's featured here? Shop now for 20% off through June 11, 2023 here

Tea Parties One Day

The Tea Parties One Day design features a delicate dance of tiny pink geometric squares adorning a serene ivory background. This design exudes elegance and playfullness, creating a visually captivating look that will enchant both you and your little one. The subtle balance between the soft pink hues and the soothing ivory backdrop will create a sense of tranquility in your modern nursery, perfect for those peaceful moments. 

Tea Parties One Day - Deluxe Bedding Set
Tea Parties One Day - Pink Geometric Squares on Ivory - Deluxe Crib Bedding Set

Sunday Stroll

For a touch of modern sophistication, look no further than this charming Sunday Stroll design featuring a crossroad and dashes pattern in pink. The gentle interplay of intersecting lines and dashes adds a modern touch to a classic color, making it a perfect choice for parents who adore a clean and minimalistic asthetic, but want to add a touch of color and modern flair in their nursery. 

Sunday Stroll - Baby Blanket

Sunday Stroll - Detail Baby Blanket
Sunday Stroll Baby Blanket 

Pink Banners Marching

If you are looking for a design that brings a burst of vibrant energy, the Pink Banners Marching is just what you need. These lively triangles in pink, purple, gray, and white, create a delightful pattern that is as fun as it is visually stimuatlion. The combination of these captivating colors will infuse your little one's nursery with a sense of joy and playfulness, making it the perfect modern nursery for your baby to grow and explore. 

Pink Banners Marching Baby Blanket
Pink Banners Marching Baby Blanket

Pink Banners Marching Changing Pad Cover

Pink Banners Marching Changing Pad Cover

Lavender Hugs

For a subtle and sophisticated touch, the Olli+Lime Lavender Hug's design is a dreamy choice. The delicate ivory X's form a mesmerizing patter against a deep lavender backdrop, evoking feelings of tranquility and serenity. This design effortlessly blends simplicity and elegance, while staying true to modern design making it a timeless option that will stand the test of time as your little one grows. 

Lavender Hugs Fitted Crib Sheet
Lavender Hugs Fitted Crib Sheet

With these four enchanting designs, there are many options to choose from to create a modern nursery that reflects your unique style and adds a touch of magic to your baby's world. Whether you prefer geometric patterns like Pink Banners Marching or Tea Parties One Day, or more subtle designs like Sunday Stroll or Lavender Hugs, Olli+Lime has something to suit every taste. So go ahead and embrace the power of pink and lavender, and let these sweet modern baby bedding designs bring a touch of color to your nursery.