11 Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas

By Rom V. on behalf of OLLI+LIME.

As a future parent, expecting your bundle of joy to arrive any day, you already have a lot on your mind. With planning for the arrival of your newborn, there are various things to consider, such as setting up that perfect environment for the baby’s development in the first months, but also making sure to have a place for the nightly feedings and the all-important parent-baby bonding.

Your baby nursery should be a sanctuary for both the parent and the child, a place of bonding where you will get to know your new arrival and get comfortable with your little one. Every nursery should contain a spot for daily and nightly nursing, a comfortable crib that scales with the growth of your child, and gentle decorative touches that will inspire your baby as it rests in their crib and observes the surroundings.

Having all of the elements of your baby nursery in mind, planning the design that will fit your home and your taste, but also be perfect for your baby, can be stressful. We are here to help with that!

Olli+Lime is your one-stop-shop for all things comfortable and tasteful. From a wide range of blankets and pillows, to the essentials such as baby crib skirts and bedding, we are here to make the designing of your baby nursery a fun activity rather than a chore. To inspire you further, we have compiled some of the design ideas for a gender-neutral baby nursery that will fit every home and every taste.

Leave your planners and your pens and take a moment to enjoy the design ideas that we have prepared for you.


  1. A Modern Take on Your Baby Nursery


Black and white is always in style and you can’t go wrong with a baby nursery design featuring these colors. Your creativity can come out to play when patterns are considered. A mix and match of patterns is always a great choice for a nursery, though be careful not to go over the top! Your baby needs something fun and intricate to observe when awake in their crib, but they do not need their senses to be overloaded in the early days.

Our advice is to choose a gentle and sensible pattern that is interesting enough for your baby to keep them entertained for months to come, but not so busy to frighten them. Small, geometric shapes are always a great choice, and so are polka-dots or distressed lines.

Combine this with our wall decals and your gender-neutral baby nursery is sure to be made into a stylish place that is stimulating for your baby and enjoyable for the parents.


  1. To the Moon and Back


Continuing with our gender-neutral designs, we believe that space imagery is something that would fit into any nursery, forming a great foundation to entertain your future little explorer. With our custom made frames featuring tasteful and cute art of the moon and sky elements, your baby nursery will be sure to bring out a few “aww”s. Who can resist wall art that cute? Your baby is sure to enjoy it, observing it while resting in their crib, exploring the lines and images as it gets comfortable in their environment.

To add to the theme, choose solid colors and neutral tones, like blacks and whites, but also dark blues. They are calming for both the baby and the parent, without making the nursery seem too busy. If you are looking for a perfect blanket for your little one to cozy up with when the colder weather comes, and as a way to add a bit of pattern to the nursery, we recommend our Mega XO Crib Blanket.

  1. Baby Animals are Always a Hit



You can never go wrong with absolutely adorable wall decorations of baby animals. They will add a calm and fuzzy aura to your baby nursery and also provide enough entertainment for your baby’s eyes. Keeping the cute frames as a centerpiece of your decorations, you can combine them with a potted planter or an expensive-looking brass lamp to add a bit of elegance.

A wooden crib is always a good choice as it brings the natural theme of the room together. A good sturdy wooden crib will always be a great combination with our high-quality baby beddings. To really make your nursery stand out, we recommend a minimalistic geometric pattern.





  1. Classic and Cozy



When decorating your baby nursery for your new arrival, soothing colors and shapes are always the right choice. Browns and black-and-whites are always in style and they will soothe your baby’s inquisitive mind and also create a relaxing environment for the parents during bonding time. An elegant and classy nursery is timeless and what better way to incorporate this but by adding a comfortable nursery rocking chair or glider. Very convenient during feedings in the early months and handy for reading all those bedtime stories as your little one grows up.

To further cozy it up, an excellent choice for your baby nursery would be pillows of different shapes and sizes. A nice pattern that is not overly busy will give your wall and floor enough not to be boring, but not too much to overwhelm. Add in a warm blanket and a pouf and your nursery will be the coziest room in the house!



  1. Soft and Elegant Pastel



If you are looking for that nice gender-neutral décor, but still want to add in a bit of softness to your baby nursery, pastels are there for you! A soft grey wall, combined with rose-gold decorations and a picture frame that never goes out of style, will all fit well in your baby nursery.

If you like the timeless elegance as much as we do, any of our products will be a great fit when decorating your nursery. Our blankets and crib sheets come in various patterns and designs, all in a very neutral theme that will fit in with the elegance just right. For added comfort, choose a rug that will be warm enough for you to stand on barefoot and pleasant for the baby to crawl on once they get to that point.


  1. Natural and Neutral with Lots of Wood



To bring nature into your baby nursery, make sure to add a lot of wooden elements, decorations and warm light, just like our star Vanessa Lachey!

A furry rug is perfect over hardwood floors and it will always feel soft and comfortable underneath your feet. A centerpiece of your baby nursery would be a wooden crib, made to be sturdy and scale as your baby grows, but also very stylish. With plenty of lights that give the nursery the warmth that you and your baby will appreciate, and a cozy nursery glider for that precious bonding time, this nursery design will be perfect for your little one.

Add in a large wall decal and your baby nursery will be complete!


  1. Fresh and Very Modern



A white wall in your baby nursery is always an excellent choice. It leaves you enough space to place any statement decals that you might like and add in that flare to make your nursery unique.

If you are a fan of modern spaces, it is easy to make your nursery one as well. Simply choose furniture with clean lines, a lot of square or triangle shapes, and a recliner in neutral greys, and it will all fit right in. To add some décor, a great choice is a potted plant and lampshades in darker colors and simple design.

With drapes to frame your windows and a nice patterned rug, your nursery will be a sanctuary for both you and your baby.



  1. Why Not Decals?



Another way to make your nursery stand out and to add your personal touch, is by choosing a great wall decal. This allows you to paint the walls of your baby nursery in a neutral color that will age well, and then add details in the shape of decals that you can change at will as your baby grows.

To make that wall stand out, a perfect fit would be our Tree Wall Decal. It is easy to install and it will elevate your nursery design to the next level!

When choosing the furniture for your nursery, it is great to have a neutral white crib, allowing you to dress it up with a patterned sheet for a different look every day. Along with a comfortable glider and tasteful wall decorations, your baby nursery design will be top notch.


  1. Minimalistic Patterns



As mentioned before, patterns are a great way to entertain your baby and keep their attention on its surroundings while they are resting in their crib. But how much pattern is too much? It is never a good idea to make the nursery too busy with complicated shapes and loud colors. They are more likely to confuse the baby than to entertain its young brain.

Thus, an excellent choice when it comes to patterns is to keep them neutral black and white. You can choose between small and dense, or large and wide, but with black and white you can never go wrong. We have a wide range of patterned sheets, beddings and blankets that will make your nursery pop out without making it too loud!


  1. Swaddle me Cozy



To keep your nursery bright, it is best to choose neutral colors, combined with a lot of white. Your baby will love those white walls and for a pop of something fun, add in a splash pattern or a wall decal.

A white, wooden, crib is something that is always recommended and it will look great with any bedding from our new collection. To add in the precious comfort that every baby nursery should have, choose a blanket and a warm rug.

Our swaddling blankets will provide unmatched comfort for your newborn, while also adding a modern touch to your nursery with its classy color schemes.



  1. Patterned Cutesy



Keeping your baby nursery gender neutral is easy with the wide variety of patterns that our collections offer. Soft greys and whites will match with anything and a pattern will give it a personal detail. With so many choices, it is easy to customize your nursery to fit best with the rest of your house and to provide a comfortable spot for your baby to grow up in.

If you are looking to add a bit of cutesy to your baby nursery, a pop of orange and yellow is always a good choice. Add in a soft animal toy and a tasteful cushion, along with a statement wall art and your baby nursery will be the most desirable room of your home.

 Bottom Line

 Creating a space for your little one to feel comfortable in is one of the most important steps of parenthood. Your baby nursery doesn’t need to be lavish. There is no need to spend every dime on expensive furnishing. The most important part is to shop smart.

Look for furnishings that will scale with your baby and for decorations that are timeless.

Patterns are always an excellent choice and a good old black-and-white combination will fit into every home. You can always add a pop of color with wall art or a nice pillow, but don’t forget about the comfort! To make sure that your baby is feeling great in their cot, choose any of the beddings and crib sheets from the Olli+Lime collection. Made locally and with carefully picked materials, they come in stylish patterns and neutral colors, making them a great fit for any baby nursery.