Introducing pops of color!

In the previous blog, we discussed modern nursery design and the benefits of a black and white monochromatic room can be beneficial to your baby.

But now Olli + Lime is releasing a new line that goes beyond black, white and gray. So whether you want a neutral nursery or are waiting to find out your baby’s gender, this will provide the perfect way to add some color to your nursery. Check out our Inspired Hues collection here

In October, we will be offering our new line featuring new colors and patterns. We chose classics, neutrals and solids that pair with our legacy line. So you can add to what you already have or start from scratch with colors that will pair wonderfully together. The monochromatic patterns and new colors will help further customize your baby's classic, modern nursery.

The solids, textures and patterns align with the mix-and-match trend. Items in the new line will be available in the essentials and accessories lines, and include crib sheets, crib blankets and changing pad covers so you can create a fun and functional room for your child.

Studies show that color has an impact on your baby’s sleep and mood. Shades of black and white send the strongest signals to their brains, which help with brain growth and visual development. While color contrasts encourage babies to focus and stimulate cognitive development.

Have you ever heard of color psychology? This field is devoted to studying how color affects our perceptions, moods and mental states.

Since colors can impact a baby's mood, it can affect their emotional well-being, productivity, learning and behavior. Colors in your baby's room have the ability to either energize them or make them anxious and soothe or stimulate. 
Here are several colors in our new line, what they represent and feelings that are associated with them. 

  • Pink represents femininity and is associated with tenderness, softness, calmness, innocence, and optimism.
  • Blue is associated with uniqueness, calmness, and authenticity and alleviates feelings of anxiety and aggression. 
  • Green represents freshness and nature and is associated with stability, endurance, trust and loyalty and helps to relax and create a calming effect. 
  • Gray is associated with stability and calmness. It relaxes and soothes.
  • White is associated with purity, goodness and innocence and evokes feelings of purity and sophistication. White can be layered with similar shades and patterns and textures can be incorporated to add depth
Now that we know what the colors mean and what feelings they evoke, here is a look at our 16 new pre-order options.

  • Blush Pink: Hushy Blushy. This "not so pink" is a perfect way to introduce a solid color to mix and match with our legacy black and white designs or match with any of our new lines of colors and patterns.
  • Foggy Blue: By The Sea. A beautiful expression of "not so blue" fog and mist.  
  • Blue: Floaties in the Deep End. Floating is what your baby does best these days, but soon a fun day at the pool and naptime on this dreamy slate blue will be a reality. 


  • Teal: Miranda & Liam. These two sweet patterns combine and intersect in a delightful teal featuring a crossroads and dashes pattern. 

  • Ivory + Beige: Bowties and Bobby Socks. A soft reflection of penciled triangles and X's emerge against this "goes with everything" ivory background. The lines and up and down arrow patterns create an open diamond shape. 
  • Orange: Tangerine Tiger. This pattern features ivory and tangerine stripes that create a subtle salute to the modern design against a soft white background.  
  • White and slate: Baby Fingers in Chalk. For now, those little fingers can only imagine and learn, but one day your baby will be making stick figures on the sidewalk. This beautiful slate gray with dashes and lines offers a perfect neutral for your modern nursery.  
  • Pink: Sunday Stroll. Two sweet patterns of crossroads and dashes combine and intersect in this delightful play of pink.  
  • Violet: Baby Hairs. A true pop of color that stays true to modern lines, this design is as playful as those little wispy hairs on your little ones next


  • Gray + White: Jagged Little Square. The tiny, ethereal jagged gray squares seem to move on a background of white patterns.  

  • Light Gray + Ivory: My Little Hat. This simple pattern is a perfect compliment to any modern nursery. The beautiful reflecting triangles shadow each other across this happy background of ivory.  

  • Light and dark gray: Tops for Tots. The perfect compliment to any modern nursery, these beautiful reflecting triangles shadow each other across this happy background of gray.

  • Pink: Tea Parties One Day. Variations of delicate pink squares line up the perfect compliment to any modern nursery, with just the right touch of delicacy and geometric flair.  
  • Multicolor: Little Tiny Hugs. Variations of delicate X's in blue, green and pink will send tiny hugs to your little one as they enjoy their sleep.
  • Multicolor: City Heartbeeps. This vibrant mix of colorful geometric patterns attracts the baby's eye, but also attractively sets against any neutral or textured background. 
  • Poppy: Poppy’s Crayons. A little squiggle here and there -- those first few crayon marks will become art to you.  Why not inspire them at a young age with this vibrant mix of colorful stitches against eye-popping poppy. 



Go browse the Pre-Order section on the website and choose the perfect colors and patterns for your nursery!

All of our products are high quality and ethically sourced and we have met all our suppliers and they share our philosophy. The bedding items are made of 100% premium cotton and are OEKO-TEX Certified- meaning it has been tested and is free from harmful substances.

Preorders are available now and selling fast. The new products will be in stock in October and ready to ship mid-month, so order yours before they sell out!

We would love to hear how you are using the items you buy from OLLI+LIME, so feel free to share your products in action with us by emailing photos to