Holiday Gift Ideas for your little one this holiday season

By Leah Eagle

The holiday season is in full swing and if you have added a new baby to your family, this will be an extra special time for your family.

Your baby will only have their first holiday season one time, and there are lots of options to make it memorable. They won’t remember it, but take lots of pictures so they can look at them when they’re older together and see what a wonderful time it was.

Here’s a list of gift ideas that can make your baby’s first holiday season a special one.


Festive pajamas
You get your little one their own special pair (or pairs!), or go for a matching set for the entire family. Either way, pajamas are always a hit. Family pajamas have soared in popularity over the years and make for great photos.

A knit hat
What better way to keep your baby’s head warm than an adorable knit hat. For a bonus, get one with a pom-pom on the top for added cuteness.

Christmas stocking
If your family celebrates Christmas, it’s time to add another stocking to the mantel for your baby’s first Christmas! There are tons of options to choose from, from monogrammed, to baby’s first Christmas to one that matches the ones you already have. Make sure to add some items in there for a special surprise!

Special ornament
While you’ll likely have a Baby’s First Christmas ornament (or several!) There are kits available to make your own at home. You can put their tiny handprint in clay and have the keepsake for years to come. You can also get them personalized with your baby’s name and year.

Baby Books
Whether it’s special Christmas themed books, or classic nursery rhymes, books always make a great gift. Spending time reading with your child each day can help with their social development and thinking skills. It also gives you and your little one that special time together.

Personalized silhouettes
A unique gift that you can keep for years to come. It can be made into an ornament or framed to hang on the wall.

A piggy bank
A classic gift your child can use for years to come. Go ahead and add some money inside as a surprise, and teach them about saving!

Nursery bedding
Olli+Lime has so many choices of sheets, blankets and more for your little one. Check out all of the options at

0-3 months

Lovey Cuddles
These can be sweet friends for your little one. Whether cuddling with it for a nap or bedtime, or soothing them when they’re upset, lovey’s can be something your child will love for years to come.

Play Mat
This will give your baby something fun and new to do. Whether you choose a monochromatic piece or one full of color, mats will help your baby learn new things and enjoy new sounds.

Sophie the Giraffe
Sophie has been around for years and is a beloved plastic giraffe that babies can chew on, hold or play with. There’s even a Christmas gift set that includes a matching hat and slippers for your baby.

Keep those tiny baby feet warm on cold days with adorable baby booties, maybe even Christmas themed for the holidays!

3-6 months

Rattle & teether toys
Your baby can learn to grasp, hold and shake and also work out those gums as their teeth begin coming in.

Tummy time mat
It won’t be long until your baby is crawling. Help them work on their coordination and mobility by spending time on their tummy and getting those leg muscles ready to crawl!

Activity Center
Your baby will love sitting up in a bouncer and enjoying the fun activities they can explore within a hands reach. They can also strengthen their leg muscles by bouncing. Other options are standing musical tables with a variety of sights and sounds.

6-9 months

Sensory toys
There are plenty of sensory toy options for your little one to engage one or more of their senses. Sensory toys help strengthen baby's brain development as they grow. Even black and white wall art can help stimulate baby's vision! 

Stacking toys
Whether it’s the little rings to stack on a stick, stacking cups or other items, these toys help with babies motor skills and hand eye coordination.

A plush Christmas tree
There are cute options available in cloth, plastic and felt options that will allow your baby to decorate their own tree.

Bath toys
Once your baby is sitting up in the bathtub, they’ll love some toys to play with during their bath time. There are limitless options available, from simple rubber ducks, these water friendly toys provide lots of bath fun.

9-12 months

A personalized puzzle
Wooden puzzles with your child’s name can help them with letter recognition and with coordination of putting the pieces in.

A walker
It won’t be long until your baby is ready to take their first steps! Walkers can provide a great way to practice and strengthen their leg muscles to get ready for the big day! They also come with activities on the front that provide entertainment.

Musical instrument toys
Xylophones, shakers and rattles can be your baby’s first introduction to making music. Enjoy these before they are old enough for drum sets and guitars!

There are lots of options for little ones to learn to stack and build. These are great for little hands and practicing their fine motor skills.

A ball popper
Tiny hands can place the plastic balls into an animal and watch them pop out of the top. This can be lots of fun and entertainment.

Cars and trucks
It may not be time for Hot Wheels yet, but there are plenty of fun options of vehicles they can roll around that light up and have other activities.

Some wheels
Either a classic red wagon or a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe, this is a great age to introduce your child to their first ride.

An outdoor swing or playset
Whether you can install a Little Tykes swing on your back deck or want to go for a full size playset, your little one will have hours of outdoor fun swinging and sliding

Hope these suggestions give you some great ideas of what to get your baby for the holidays. Our team at Olli+Lime wishes you and your family a very happy holiday season!