Geometric patterns in modern crib bedding

When it comes to modern nursery design, geometric shapes take center stage, adding both style and visual stimulation to the space. In this blog we'll explore some exciting shapes that can transform your nursery. With triangles, dots, squares, the Swiss cross, stripes, and tiny x's, there are endless possibilities to make your little one's nursery modern, unique, and personal. 


Triangles can bring a sense of adventure and energy, perfect for stimulating the imagination of your little one. With their dynamic angles and sharp lines, triangles create a visually captivating environment that sparks creativity and exploration. By incorporating triangles in modern baby bedding and wall décor, you can provide a visual stimulus that encourages your child to engage in imaginative play and storytelling as they grow. The angular nature of triangles can evoke a sense of movement and excitement, inspiring your little one to embark on imaginative journeys and embrace a world of endless possibilities. 

Olli+Lime has many different designs featuring triangles to meet your modern baby bedding needs. If you are looking for neutral or black and white crib bedding options that feature triangles, check out Felix & Marti, Gray Banners Marching, Kingsley, My Little Hat, Pinwheels, and Tops for Tots. If you are looking to add color, but still feature triangles in your nursery, check out the Blue Banners Marching, Pink Banners Marching, and Jester's Hat designs. 

Olli+Lime Neutral Triangle Designs

Olli+Lime Colorful Triangle Designs



Dots, whether scattered or meticulously placed, have the ability to cultivate a playful and whimsical atmosphere in your little one's nursery. These small circles possess almost a magnetic quality that effortlessly captures your little one's attention and stirs their curiosity. Whether incorporated in modern baby bedding, accessories like changing pad covers, or playful wall decals, dots offer visual interest and stimulation, engaging your child's senses. The repetition of dots can create a sense of rhythm and movement, encouraging your little one to explore the world around them as they grow. The playful nature of dots fosters a joyful, lighthearted, and stylish environment, that can ignite your child's imagination and inspire creative play. 

Olli+Lime features a dots pattern in the black and white Connect the Dots design and wall decal options in large and small dots. Check back soon for new modern crib bedding designs featuring dots in playful ways. 

Polka Dot Crib Bedding Set



Squares can play a fundamental role in modern nursery design by offering a solid foundation that symbolizes stability and balance. This geometric shape provides a visually grounding element that can instill a sense of security and calmness in your little one's space. Incorporating squares into your nursery can help you not only create a visually pleasing aesthetic, but also provide a supportive and enriching environment that fosters both physical and intellectual growth for your baby. 

The Olli+Lime Jagged Little Square design offers abstract gray squares over ivory, perfect for creating a neutral, modern nursery. The black and white Luca design uses a grid pattern to create squares that will add a delightful touch to any nursery. If you're looking for some color that includes squares, the Tea Parties One Day design showcases pink geometric squares on an ivory background. 

Tea Parties One Day Baby Blanket
Tea Parties One Day Baby Blanket

Luca Grid Baby Blanket
Luca Grid Baby Blanket

Jagged Little Squares Lovey Security Blanket
Jagged Little Squares Lovey Security Blanket

Swiss Cross

The Swiss Cross is a design element that epitomizes sleek minimalism, adding a touch of contemporary elegancy to any nursery. The clean and precise lines can bring a sense of simplicity and sophistication to the space. Whether incorporated in wall art, crib bedding, or accessories, the Swiss Cross lends a modern and stylish vibe and its minimalist nature allows it to seamlessly blend with various design styles. 

Olli+Lime features the Swiss Cross design in black and white with the timeless Lina design. Wall decals in the Swiss Cross shape are also available in large and small sizes, allowing you to incorporate a matching pattern on the wall as well. Check back soon for new product designs in neutral colors that feature the Swiss Cross design element. 

Lina Swiss Cross Black and White Modern Baby Blanket
Lina - Swiss Cross Black & White Modern Baby Blanket

Large Swiss Cross Wall Decals in Black
Large Swiss Cross Wall Decals in Black


Stripes are a powerful design element in nursery décor, that offer a dynamic and stimulating visual experience to engage your little one's senses. With options of vibrant colors and rhythmic patterns, stripes can instantly grab attention and create a visually engaging environment. The parallel lines of stripes can create a sense of movement and energy, capturing your child's gaze and stimulating their visual perception. The repetitive nature of stripes also promotes visual tracking, a crucial skill of developing eye coordination. Stripes can add a playful and lively touch to any nursery, to create a cheerful atmosphere that is also a stimulating and sensorially rich space that encourages exploration and discovery. 

Olli+Lime has a couple design options if you are looking for a modern baby bedding with a stripe pattern. The Sea Stripes design features neutral green stripes in a diagonal direction over ivory, while the Tangerine Tiger design offers soft, sweet tangerine orange stripes over ivory. 

Sea Stripes Green Fitted Crib Sheet
Sea Stripes - Diagonal Green Stripes over Ivory Fitted Crib Sheet

Tangerine Tiger Striped Baby Blanket
Tangerine Tiger Baby Blanket - Tangerine Stripes over Ivory

Tiny X's 

Designs featuring tiny x's can bring a delightful and charming element to the overall aesthetic of your nursery. These small cross-shaped patterns can create a visually captivating and playful atmosphere. The repeated placement of tiny x's adds a sense of intricacy and attention to detail, elevating the overall modern nursery design. The simplicity of the x shape also adds a touch of sophistication to modern crib bedding, while maintaining a whimsical and youthful vibe. Tiny x's allow for versatility in design, and easily complement various color schemes and décor styles. The tiny x's design element can add character and personality to your little one's nursery, making it a visually pleasing and cozy space for your baby to rest and play. 

For neutral options, check out the Olli+Lime All My Hugs and Little Tiny Hugs designs. Olli+Lime also offers the tiny x design in a beautiful, soft lavender crib bedding with Lavender Hugs

All My Hugs Tiny X's on White Baby Blanket
All My Hugs - Charcoal X's on White Baby Blanket

Little Tiny Hugs - Multicolored X's on Ivory Baby Blanket
Little Tiny Hugs - Multicolored X's on Ivory Baby Blanket

Lavender Hugs - Ivory X's on Lavender Baby Blanket
Lavender Hugs - Ivory X's on Lavender Baby Blanket

Geometric shapes play a pivotal role in modern nursery design, bringing a myriad of benefits of both aesthetics and child development. Triangles, dots, squares, the Swiss Cross, stripes, and tiny x can all not only enhance the visual appeal of your modern nursery, but also stimulate cognitive development, inspire imagination, and create a nurturing environment. By incorporating these shapes, you can create a modern nursery that embraces a harmonious blend of style and a delightful ambiance that fosters your little one's growth and wellbeing.