Finding the Dream Baby Blanket

Finding the Dream Baby Blanket has been a long sought out quest within our OLLI + LIME design walls.

During the throws of COVID, we knew that comfort was a necessity; a necessity that sparked our journey to find that “one” nursery essential that could create and absorb everlasting moments and memories while still doing its daily functional job. As we embarked on this essential baby blanket quest, we had four foundational planks that this dream blanket must be…

1. Built to Last 

A balance of breathable comfort and a durability that would last over time became the bedrock of design.


100% Organic Cotton offers a breathable material, and the blanket weave helps make this dream baby blanket more durable and better able to last over time – while withstanding multiple spins in the washer and dryer.


2. Design Driven

Right behind the comfort and durability came the need for gender neutral designs that would embrace and create an accent to any modern nursery,  ensuring a crisp design aesthetic that creates a timeless baby blanket that measures up to the durability of the creation.


3. Able to Transform

The nimbleness of being able to move from room-to-room was another design inspiration that became a cornerstone of creation. While designed to be a crib  blanket, we believe it is critical to have an ability to transition from the nursery to the living room to support all types of milestones, including tummy time moments and the always needed cuddle time.


4. The Role of a Sidekick

While a timeless modern design was critical we found it also important to ensure that this dream baby blanket also played a supporting role in the nursery design and provided accents and a subtly to let the nursery design within the crib bedding and baby décor was the true hero of the baby room

With all of this, we are proud to release the new 100% organic cotton OLLI + LIME dream weave baby blanket featuring a gender-neutral fashion that is supported with a timeless and modern design.

Thanks for being a part of our journey...

~ The OLLI + LIME Design Team