Everyone loves the Thanksgiving sales, and Olli+Lime has one for you!

By Leah Eagle

Beginning on Friday, November 18 and running through Monday, November 28, Olli+Lime will be having a 30% off sale!

This is a great time to stock up items for your baby’s nursery, send a link to grandparents for baby’s Christmas list or even get gifts for your friends' babies!

In addition to our variety of black and white items, we have introduced a Pops of Color! We chose classics, neutrals and solids that pair with our legacy line. So you can add to what you already have or start from scratch with colors that will pair wonderfully together. The monochromatic patterns and new colors will help further customize your baby's classic, modern nursery.

The new line of exciting grouping of textures, patterns, solids and colors is available in our essentials and accessories line and includes crib sheets, crib blankets and changing pad covers so you can create a fun, functional and customized room for your baby.

Here are all the new patterns in the Pops of Color line and a little bit about each of them.

SOLIDS- a twist on the traditional pink and blue colors:

  • Blush Pink: Hushy Blushy is a not so pink that is a perfect way to introduce a solid color to mix and match with our legacy black and white designs or match with any of our new lines of colors and patterns.
  • Foggy Blue: By The Sea is a beautiful expression of "not so blue" fog and mist.
  • Blue: Floaties in the Deep End is a dreamy slate blue to help your baby sleep like they are floating in the ocean.

PATTERNS- Six fun new patterns bring a variety of mix and match options with our solid prints.

  • Miranda & Liam are two sweet patterns of crossroads and dashes that combine and intersect in a delightful shade of teal.
  • Bowties and Bobby Socks are a mix of ivory and beige and provide a soft reflection of penciled triangles, X's, and open diamonds.
  • Tangerine Tiger features a mix of ivory and tangerine stripes that create a subtle salute to the modern design against a soft white background.
  • Baby Fingers in Chalk. This beautiful slate gray with a dashes and lines pattern offers a perfect neutral for your modern nursery.
  • Sunday Stroll. Two sweet patterns of crossroads and dashes combine and intersect in this delightful play of pink.
  • Baby Hairs. A true pop of violet color that stays true to modern lines, this design is as playful as those little wispy baby hairs.

SHAPES- Squares and Triangles and Crosses, Oh My!

  • Jagged Little Square. The tiny, ethereal jagged gray squares seem to move around on a background of white patterns.
  • My Little Hat. This simple pattern is a perfect compliment to any modern nursery. The beautiful gray reflecting triangles shadow each other across a happy background of ivory.
  • Tops for Tots. The perfect compliment to any modern nursery, beautiful reflecting triangles shadow each other across this happy background of gray.
  • Tea Parties One Day. With a variation of delicate pink squares, this pattern lines up the perfect compliment to any modern nursery, with just the right touch of delicacy and geometric flair.
  • Little Tiny Hugs. A multicolor print with variations of delicate X's in blue, green and pink will send tiny hugs to your little one as they enjoy their sleep.
  • City Heartbeeps. A vibrant mix of colorful geometric patterns look great with any neutral or textured background.
  • Poppy’s Crayons. This vibrant mix of colorful stitches against eye-popping poppy is a reminder that it won’t be long before your baby is drawing with crayons.

All of the new fabrics are 100% cotton, sourced and handcrafted in the USA.  They are also OEKO-TEX Certified- meaning the products have been tested and are free from harmful substances.

Go ahead and browse our website, including the new Pops of Color collection  and don’t forget to join us for our after Thanksgiving sale!