6 Nursery Essentials that grow with your Baby

Pillow - Decor & Flexibility are Key. 

Select your design with transition in mind. A great pillow transcends the singular room and has the flexibility to fit in any room. Choose fashions that are neutral & work within Home Décor. Make sure that the size is small enough to be safe for baby but large enough to fit on a couch or into that toddler bed. And finally—for the greatest flexibility, make sure it has a pillow cover which provides the ultimate transitional opportunities.

For safety purposes always remove decorative  pillows from your baby’s crib prior to nap or bedtime.


OLLI+LIME Twig Pillow


Blankets – Buy Large.

Large blankets aren’t ideal in the crib at first, but they are ideal for tummy time and “hang out” on the floor time. They also have the added benefit of transitioning into the toddler room adding comfort to the new big boy or big girl bed. Larger blankets are also luxuriously decadent for Sunday snuggle time on the couch for you and your baby!

OLLI+LIME Weave Blanket


Shelves – Pick Simplicity and Mobility.

One thing that is true within any nursery is the need for space. Simple, easy to install shelves provide quick and easy storage and decoration solutions while decluttering and providing places for your nursery décor to set. When selecting shelves choose neutral colors that work in the balance of your house as well as those that will fit as a transitional piece within a toddler room. Once its job is done in the toddler room, it can move into your “dining/bar area” – see below “dressers” for how this dining/bar area comes to life.

BabyLetto Dottie Book Shelve System


Dressers – Yes They Can Grow Too!

OK….so not every solution is inexpensive, and your nursery dresser may just fit into this category, knowing that this firm structure has the greatest need and likelihood of spanning the test of time. Select a dresser that is made from solid materials that also meets your own personal home style, the solid material will give you the option to refinish the piece down the road. Also find one that gives you solutions that meet your needs such as doubling as your changing table or storing your diapers during the baby years and holding those favorite toys and stuffies in the toddler years. This piece can transition into your dining room as storage for glassware and potential move into that earned and greatly needed “bar space” (hint: read “shelves” section above for complete bar design solution)

Babyletto Palma WB Dresser


Rugs – Mobile Luxury

Nothing transforms a room more quickly or easily than a rug. Selecting a luxe rug not only dresses up any nursery, it also provides instant comfort during those middle of the night moments. Choose rugs that complement your nursery while adding a smidge of design or color that can carry throughout your home. Select a size that is compact enough that it still fits when you transition into a Toddler room as well as meeting a need next to your favorite lounge chair within your home.

Kroma Carpets Light Grey Round Rug


Wall Décor – Customization is Timeless

Who doesn’t like looking back on baby photos or moments that have defined their life? Selecting customized timeless pieces are a great way to capture those time capsule moments that never get old. Just as appropriate and meaningful when your kiddo is a baby to when they head out of the home, selecting those pieces that timestamp the early days will stand the test of time within their room and your household over the generations.

OLLI+LIME Modern Birthday Wall-Art