5 Ways to Create a Visually Stimulating Nursery

By Leah Eagle

Did you know that creating a stimulating nursery can help babies learn and grow? Keeping this in mind when making décor and other nursery choices can help your dream nursery come to life and also be beneficial to your little one!  We've put together 5 tips on how to achieve a visually stimulating nursery.

1. Paint and decorate with contrasting colors

Accent walls are an excellent touch to create contrast in a nursery and can help create spaces for different functionalities. Another option to consider is using two shades of the same color, one lighter and the other darker. Different colors help your little one notice the contrast and even start to understand different shapes. Our wall decals and art prints at Olli+Lime are great for adding dimension to your nursery walls.

Remember at first your baby will only be able to see in black and white, but after a few months, they will begin to see color, and in full color by around five months. Exposing them to as many different hues as possible will help infants develop their vision faster. If you plan on a neutral themed nursery, consider including items with a pop of color, like a rug or an art piece. Include a variety shades and patterns when choosing their bedding and incorporate different styles in the colors that can all work together in the space.

2. Incorporate different textures

Texture is another way to create a visually stimulating nursery. It can stimulate your baby’s vision, and also help them to develop their sense of touch. Examples can include a fuzzy rug, velvet blanket and other textures like leather and chenille.

Use the floor as an example. A red, blue or purple rug may be visually pleasing and stimulating against white tile or laminate. Grey flooring contrasts well with yellow, green and white. 

The more textures you can include, the better. If your favorite baby sheets and blankets are plush and soft, make sure your glider, storage baskets and carpets offer a chance to feel and see more structured fibers. Wicker baskets and chunky textured throws are also good options.

Using different textures in the nursery can help your baby develop sensory cues. Go for things like soft rugs, hanging window treatments, upholstered furniture and a mobile above their crib. This can be especially as your child grows and begins to hold things in their hand and begin crawling and walking.

3. Include different shapes and patterns

Pick out lots of different shapes to include in your nursery. The rugs and wall art will serve as squares and rectangles, but also look for items in circle, triangle and other shapes. You can put books and other decorative items on floating shelves. Paint them contrasting colors and add photos or other items. Nursery lighting can take on a variety of shapes and forms. Polka dot patterns and geometric artwork are also an option (again, our wall decals are perfect for this!)

Did you know different shapes and evoke different feelings? Circles are related to femininity or infinity. Triangles symbolize energy and stability. Hexagons represent unity. One of the lesser used shapes, a rhombus, can create a contemporary feel.

4. Create a relaxing space

This can be as much for you as it is for your baby. Parents need to be able to relax too! A cozy space with a rocker, darkening curtains, a sound machine and your baby’s favorite blanket can help you both relax and help your baby be calm and fall asleep faster. If your baby is overstimulated or won’t calm down for a nap or bedtime, this special area can be the place where they feel at peace. A glider rocker with (or without!) an ottoman is a good  focal point for this area. You may also want to Include a thick rug, soft lighting and stuffed animals in the space.

5. Promote restful sleep

Now that your baby’s nursery is visually stimulated with contrasting colors and patterns, one of the most important things is for them to get a good night’s sleep. Getting the right amount of rest will ensure that the baby is ready for another day of learning. Blackout curtains are a great investment to help them sleep day or night. We mentioned the cozy bedding and a good crib mattress will also provide comfort. Keep the room at a mild temperature and use a swaddle or sleep sack to keep them warm and snug. A white noise machine can also provide the right amount of sound to help them fall asleep and stay asleep.

Save this blog or write down some notes to use when shopping for the baby’s nursery. This will help you to budget and purchase the right items instead of any unnecessary décor.