10 Gift Ideas that will fit perfectly in your Baby Nursery

By Rom V. on behalf of OLLI+LIME

The gifting season is upon us, and finding the perfect baby gift can be a difficult task. If you have a child of your own, this might be a bit easier. However, with so many options to choose from, you might easily get lost in the world of adorable onesies, fluffy toys and perfect bows.

Baby gifts could be one of the toughest present-finding missions. While being something cute is always great, the very best newborn gift ideas are sure to be those that will help make the growing family’s life easier.

If you would like to purchase an item that will fit well into your baby nursery design, you might choose an appliance, like an air purifier or a nightlight. Or you might decide on something comfortable, like a onesie with extenders, that grows with the baby. Ultimately, you can never go wrong with soft baby sheets, or organically made rattles that will entertaining your baby for months to come.

Here are some of our suggestions of the adorable baby gifts for the gifting season:

Olli+Lime Wall Art

In order to elevate your baby nursery design, or to gift it to an expecting parent for the upcoming holidays, our wall décor is a great option. With a wide variety of black and white prints to choose from, you are sure to find a design to fit any taste.

Our wall arts are unique and adorable, perfect for your baby to entertain themselves with while looking out of their crib, but also great to fit into your neutral baby nursery design.

Growth Charts

Baby growth charts are important tools that healthcare providers use to check your little one’s overall health. These charts are used to assess how your baby is growing compared with other children of the same age and gender and to see how your child is developing over time.
But, of course, you can have one of your own in your baby nursery!
Marking the growth of your baby on a personalized chart is an amazing way to celebrate life. There is a variety of charts to choose from, for babies, toddlers, or children. Either way you will watch the years fly by and your little one grow up faster than you imagined them to.

Wooden and Felt Puzzles

Toy trends will come and go, but there are some other kid obsessions that stand the test of time. For example, dinosaur toys! If your toddler is keen to know the name of every kind of dinosaur and memorize their unique features, you might be interested in an eco-friendly toy in this shape.
But, this is not the only wooden puzzle available out there.

An interest in puzzles will help kids get their head around the shapes and sizes. It will be fun, and also help with their learning abilities. From early childhood right through to adulthood we love to play with puzzles. They are a perfect exercise for our minds.
As an educational learning tool for toddlers and young children, these puzzles provide many skills and cognitive learning benefits and opportunities. In order to be sure that they are safe for your baby that might be in the stage of nibbling on everything, make sure to choose an eco-friendly wooden or felt puzzle.

Wardrobe Dividers

Not exactly for your child, but a great addition for an organized parent’s baby nursery design! In order to make your life a little bit easier, these laser engraved dividers will be great for organizing your newborn’s clothes.
You can watch them grow up, while keeping their essentials tidy. Wardrobe dividers are also neat-looking and they will fit into your nursery décor, whether you have an open or closed closet in your baby nursery.

Baby Nursery Night Lights

The right nursery lighting can help soothe your baby to sleep, and some moms find soft lighting a huge help for night feeds.
While some parents keep the nursery really dark at night they have a dimmer switch on the lowest setting when doing night feeds. Others just leave the light on and the door open so there is enough light to see but the light is not bright enough to wake the baby.
Having a dimmable night-light plugged in is always a good idea, even if after a few weeks, you can feed and change your baby in the dark. Although there's no need to buy special children's lighting if you don't want to, having a night light in your baby nursery, designed especially for sensitive baby eyes is a perfect gift for your or your friends’ baby nursery.

Olli+Lime Wall Decals

Do you want to keep the look of your baby nursery neutral and soft, but still add that little spark? Then wall decals are perfect for you.
This way you do not need to worry about the choice of colors – you can keep your nursery in one tone, but add a bit of pattern to one wall with a cute decal. Our decals are interesting enough for your baby to like them, but not bold enough to confuse them. As such, they are a perfect addition to any baby nursery!

Personalized Baby Blankets

These handmade blankets are soft, colorful, and great as a gift. They come in a variety of prints and materials. Be sure to choose a soft and baby-safe material, so your child can enjoy snuggling up with their favorite blanket as they grow.
For an added touch, simply choose a personalized blanket. How about putting your baby’s name or a cute nickname you use for them on the blanket? This is a great gift choice for your own nursery, or for someone you care about.

Baby Blocks

These personalized baby blocks are perfect for your nursery. They can be used as décor, and when your baby is old enough to want to touch everything in their vicinity, they can be great toys.
They are usually made from felt or wood, with a range of color options and patterns. Your baby deserves the best after all and something that is custom made for them is always a great choice.

Personalized Name Plates

Bold and stylish mobiles would be perfect for any nursery or child's bedroom. The choices are plenty, but if you want something custom, personalized items are the best. They are made to include your chosen name cut out of wood, or made with string, depending on the design. This name sign would be an ideal new baby, Christening or Naming Day gift. Or just a great gift for the holiday season!
If you want to really spice up your baby nursery or your children's room, or gift something meaningful to expectant parents, this is the choice for you. Whether it is for a girl or a boy, the name plate fits every nursery.

Crochet Rattles

If you are looking to purchase something for your baby to play with, rather than for décor, a rattle is always great to start with. Shake it and you’ll hear a rattle sound. The oldest kids’ toy in the book.
These super cute rattle toys are perfect for little hands to grab, shake, hold. Not only do they look adorable, but they also promote your baby's hand-eye coordination and help differentiate between shapes, sizes, colors, and textures engaging all the senses.
Rattles usually contain a little bell inside or outside, providing cute dinging sounds which will keep your little ones entertained for hours. For something soft and safe choose a combination of wood and cotton crochet.